- Econia is a game that hopes to illustrate some of the problems with our current democracy and explore their causes, following a pre-industrial town as it grows into a modern metropolis.

- It is Cookie Clicker meets Democracy 3.

- It will be completely free. It will be open source.

- Made by one guy from the States and two friends in Ukraine.

- Please see our Kickstarter Project to make this game a reality.

Our democracy is being sold to the highest bidder, and we're too busy tapping on our iPhones to do anything about it. We want to help change that, but we can't do it without you!

We're making a game that will appeal to today's casual audience, and help them explore the corrupted economic and political systems that govern our lives.

At first glance Econia is a simple tap-game / idle game, but there's a lot more going on under the surface. Understanding supply and demand, the power of marketing, and using money to tip the system in your favor will be keys to success.

Players start as a farmer in a small frontier town, tapping on crops and struggling to survive. As the town grows into a metropolis, players will collect and sell food, hire other Econians to help on the farm, help discover advances in agriculture and industry , and participate in the town's democracy. And all with super-cute graphics!

To learn more, please take a look at our Kickstarter page

How do you get people to understand, and to care about, our broken democracy that allows the rich and powerful to control the political discourse and ensure the system continues to feed them wealth and power, at the expense of everyone else?

The best way to understand something, is not to be told it, not to be told it 100 times, but to discover it for yourself. That is the power of games!

We want to make a game that appeals to today's casual audience and helps them discover the true nature of our current democracy.

If you care about progressive issues, and fixing our democracy, please consider backing our project. We truly believe it will be much more effective than paying for one more commercial.

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