The Crystal Skull

Due to the current Indiana Jones movie there is much interest in crystal skulls.


My first encounter having a crystal skull what food was in July of 1989. During the time I used to be affiliated with a metaphysical study group together just returned from the month of checking out the Aboriginal way of life around australia.

During the monthly meeting of our group, one of many leaders mentioned in my opinion which she a group planning to Indianapolis the next week to find out the crystal skull. My reaction was, "What's a crystal skull?"

She immediately explained to me the skull ended up carved from pure quartz crystal, was perfect in most way understanding that this kind of skull ended up seen in Lubantaan in Belize inside the 1920s by Helen Mitchell-Hedges who was simply then 16 yrs . old.

Helen Mitchell - Hedges, as well as Lynn Gardner will be exhibiting the skull the following week . It appeared like the perfect opportunity to learn something new, you never know where this may lead?

Playing the lecture, I came to be fascinated. It appears the skull had been within a Mayan pyramid following left there many centuries previous. Legends abound , but no person can tell where it originated from or the age of it really is. Many legends manage to indicate it having been made in Atlantis or left by Aliens.

It it became beautiful! Manufactured from pure crystal, there wasn't a blemish to be found, into the removable jaw bone! Mitchell-Hedges confirmed any time she first found it , the skull was cloudier in comparison to it's present state, it absolutely was now crystal clear!

It was valued at over 18 million dollars, also it did actually have supernatural powers, when in it's presence, people would experience varied types of paranormal behavior. Some would understand the future, although some experienced alien encounters and past lives. It turned out a masterpiece, unlike anything I'd ever seen before.
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